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Joel Makhluf

Today’s enterprises face unforeseen and prolonged disruption to the employee and customer ecosystem. With employee engagement and brand experience at risk, organizations cannot continue to sideline the challenges of remote work. Instead, they must look for ways to bolster the human experience to support enhanced performance, loyalty and opportunity. 

Specifically, there is a glaring need for commercial entities to accelerate their paths to becoming an Empathic Enterprise: a purpose-driven organization that prioritizes the well-being of its customers and employees by infusing emotional intelligence throughout its operations. Though challenging given the size and scalability of enterprise organizations, delivering empathy at scale pays off with greater engagement and better business outcomes. 

To become an Empathic Enterprise, organizations must adopt three key principles in their approach to the customer and employee experience:

Embrace Human Empowerment

Human empowerment is not always a top priority for every industry but is an absolute must for those that want to garner trusted relationships with customers. It starts with strong leadership and the acknowledgment that investing in people, both customers and employees, will yield impressive results for organizations. In fact, as it relates to the employee, research has found that “organizations who score in the top 25% on employee experience have nearly three times the return on assets as those in the bottom quarter.” The strategic focus on human empowerment drives substantial ROI and the loyalty needed to become a company of choice. 

Worldwide, organizations are capturing this ROI by embracing the power of emotional intelligence. We see this play out with frontline phone-based service employees, who talk to upwards of 30 customers each day. Empowering these individuals at scale to empathically communicate and be better versions of themselves, allows brands to connect with their customers on a more human level and create more impactful relationships. 

Become More Human-Aware

To be human-aware is to be human-first. The commitment and investment to care for both employees and customers go a long way across an enterprise organization. To achieve this and empower people at scale, organizations must understand the behaviors and outcomes that drive engagement, motivation, performance and experiences forward.

This is where data comes into play. 

With deep insights into human behavior – what impacts it and how to improve it – organizations are better suited to create deeply human and emotionally intelligent outcomes. This demand for real-time data, better measurement and actionable insights was the key reason why Cogito developed a novel machine learning approach called Signal-Based Machine Learning, providing a continuous streaming analysis of behaviors within phone conversations. It’s also a fundamental reason why we see leaders across healthcare, insurance, financial services and telecommunications adopt Cogito’s technology to become more human-aware organizations. 

Be Human Adaptive

Organizations today often struggle with scaling and being adaptive to the changing times – the almost immediate shift to remote work back in March is a great example of just that. Organizations of all kinds were forced to massively adopt a new work strategy, with little to no preparation. But, what we’ve learned since then, is the undeniable power of a strong technology stack aimed to help us acclimate to these trying times. With no two employees the same and circumstances changing call-to-call, coaching that supports the workforce, no matter the workplace or circumstances, is a game-changer. 

To deeply support and enable the workforce to stay productive, engaged and even improve the collective well-being, enterprise organizations must be human adaptive. This requires scaling and relying on trusted technology, created with the entire customer service ecosystem in mind. Here at Cogito, we’ve prioritized just that with our AI Coaching System, providing real-time call guidance that adapts to each and every individual and conversation instantaneously. Our commitment to being human adaptive ensures everyone from call center agents to supervisors and leaders can be the best version of themselves more often. 

As we kick off the year and look ahead, welcoming the Empathic Enterprise is just the beginning. Organizations will create visible competitive advantages over others by embracing the core principles of the Empathic Enterprise and be better positioned to win the hearts of employees and customers alike.

Are you ready?

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