Increase Member Engagement

Cogito's care management solution analyzes voice signals in phone conversations and empowers managers to build better rapport on every call.

Increase Enrollment

Live alerts help care managers display empathy and build trust with members, boosting enrollment in and completion
of care programs.

Improve Efficiency

In-call speaking guidance ensures care managers improve listening skills and speak concisely, shortening calls and eliminating unnecessary callbacks.

Enhance Performance

Instant automated call quality and customer feedback enables managers to proactively address coaching opportunities.

Identify Health Trends

Predictive insights help identify individuals who would most benefit from increased outreach and program participation.

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Improve Member Outcomes, Lower Costs


Increase in
Program Completions


Increase in
Program Enrollments


Reduction in
Member Callbacks


Improvement in
Member Satisfaction

Improving Care Management Services with Real-Time Emotional Intelligence

Learn how Cogito helped a top 5 health insurer increase care management program enrollment rates and reduce member dropout rates through more engaging phone conversations.

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Improving Member Engagement in Disability Insurance

Learn how Cogito’s care management solutions helped a top 5 health insurer increase member engagement in care management programs and improve employee return to work time through more engaging and humanized experiences.

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