Everyone Wins with Better Rapport

Voice analysis provides in-call insight into prospect emotional states and delivers real-time speaking guidance to reps. This human-centered AI solution can drive success in your sales call center.

Close More Business

In-call guidance presents speaking cues to reps to help them build deeper emotional connections.

Increase Efficiency

Instant insight into a prospect's perception via our behavior analytics platform helps reps know when to go for the close or move on.

Gain Unrivaled Insight

Get instant feedback on agent speaking performance and customer perception on
every call.

Improve Continuously

Predictive models reveal the behavioral patterns that lead to higher performance.


A Sales Call Center AI Solution that Drives Higher Productivity and Closes More Deals


Improvement in
Close Rates


Increase in Revenue
per Customer


Acceleration in Time
to Close


Increase in
Customer Referrals

Enhance Negotiation Skills with Live Emotional Intelligence

When West Point Academy set out to make their cadets better negotiators, they turned to Cogito for help.

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