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connections make
the best customer experiences.

Cogito's AI coaching software gives agents real-time insights that cultivate empathy and improve customer experience.

Everyone says it: The No. 1 method for improving call center customer experience (CX) is to make an emotional connection with the customer.

  • Forrester finds emotion drives 95% of customer decisions
  • The Temkin Group (now Qualtrics XM Institute) reports positive experiences to make customers 12 times more likely to recommend a brand

And customer experience pays. Qualtrics XM Institute found CX investments raised large enterprise revenues $775 million over three years.

In call centers, conventional ways to cultivate empathy fall short.

Hiring and training are labor-intensive, hard to measure, and hard to scale.

In-person coaching is difficult or near impossible to do at the moment the coaching is needed. 

Text and sentiment analyses fail to fully reveal the emotional states of the speakers. When someone says, “That’s great,” are they sincere? Or sarcastic? A call center script may not prepare you for the speaker's tone.

What is Customer Sentiment Analysis & Why is it Important?
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coaching improves empathy—and improves profitability.

Cogito’s human-aware artificial intelligence connects to your existing legacy or cloud telephony and instantly analyzes more than 200 voice signals in real-time across all of your calls.

In the moment cues prompt agents to notice emotional signals, they may miss in conversation while they’re focused on finding information and solving technical problems. Better conversations lead to positive business outcomes in the enterprise.

For example, a Fortune 100 health insurer using Cogito coaching software to reduced member dropouts by 27 percent. Lower dropouts reduced claims costs, leading to a projected savings of $53 million dollars a year.

Scale empathy in customer experience across the enterprise.

Cogito offers the first scalable way for every agent to display more consistent emotional intelligence, delivering empathy on every call.

Improving call center customer experience and the empathy of phone agents creates stronger human connections, leading to better conversational outcomes, such as:

  • Reduced call handle times
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    and net promoter scores & customer experience scores
  • Increased customer lifetime value

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