Augment Humans
in Real-Time to Drive Transformative Outcomes

Cogito performs live, in-call voice analysis to augment behavior in real-time to create better human connections at scale with your agents, wherever they work – in your contact center, in a BPO, or remotely.

Guide Your Frontline Teams With Cues the Way They Want

Cogito lets you choose how cues should be delivered to your customer service reps. It can be inside the Cogito Companion mini-app, through non-intrusive slide-in alerts, or embedded in their desktop application. Cogito lets you adjust their frequency based on the conversation type or employee tenure. Companion also provides employees with a convenient place to check their progress against their coaching goals.


Agent Smart Summaries Powered by Generative AI

Reduce time spent on post-call work with Agent Smart Summaries. Featuring personalized insights, these auto generated summaries powered by generative AI highlight key topics and key behaviors from every call to drive better business outcomes. This feature leverages Cogito’s own emotion AI, conversation AI and large language models to highlight key topics discussed, identify new coaching opportunities for the agent, and celebrate great conversations. Smart Summaries are available after every customer interaction, and provide agents with the tools to improve performance & get more insights from every interaction. While many industry players may offer simple call summaries, Cogito’s approach centers on the successful integration of technology into everyday operations while also giving agents visibility into the behavioral signals that can impact outcomes.

Human-Centered AI Coaching That Goes Beyond Traditional
Speech Analytics

Cogito is the market leader in call center AI solutions, with over a decade of advanced R&D and hundreds of millions of analyzed phone conversations. Our unique combination of rich human behavior insights with real-time streaming natural language processing, unique to Cogito, allows us to combine the best of both worlds for a truer understanding of employee behavior and customer sentiment in real-time.

What is Customer Sentiment Analysis & Why is it Important?
Mature Businessman Wearing Telephone Headset Talking To Caller In Customer Services Department

Leverage Human Aware Insights to Revolutionize Business Outcomes

Cogito brings together the power of guidance inferred from the context of the conversation and coaching nudges derived from speaking behaviors. It drives better conversation outcomes and better customer experience. It reduces average handling times (AHT) and increases first-call resolutions (FCR). It eventually reduces your employee stress, contributing to their well-being.

What our Customers are Saying About

Our AI Software

Cogito helps our team leaders and managers have visibility on agent calls in real-time. It helps us understand how our agents’ interactions will impact today’s performance and enables us to coach our agents to better handle calls.

Senior Operations Manager Fortune 25 Telecommunications Company

One of my teammates needed lots of help with delivering empathy generally speaking. Since using Cogito, his survey scores have hit higher numbers. Cogito reinforces the coaching I give him offline and now that he has a visual representation of his speaking behaviors he has been able to successfully target that behavior.

Team Leader Fortune 150 Financial Services Company

On any given day, our agents can face high call volumes spanning a wide array of topics of conversation. Cogito has transformed these interactions, providing real-time support and guidance that helps agents empathetically connect and communicate. At the same time, we now have increased visibility into agent performance, allowing us to better innovate at scale.

Janesh Patel Senior Vice President, Global Contact Center & Franchise System Support, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Built for the Modern Enterprise


Human Adaptive

Easy to learn and simple to use. Instantly access call recordings and insights anytime.


Easy to integrate

Cloud-based, easy to deploy and rapidly connect with Telephony, CRM and Business Intelligence.


Always secure

 Meeting and exceeding the security and compliance needs of today's largest enterprises.


Better with time

Cogito learns more as you do more – helping your organization perfect communication.

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Interested in benchmarking your customer service empathy output vs your peers? Cogito is offering a complimentary analysis for contact centers with 500 or more agents.

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