Cogito Dialog – Call Center Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service

Augment Humans
in Real-Time to Drive Transformative Outcomes

Cogito performs live, in-call voice analysis to augment behavior in real-time to create better human connections at scale with your agents, wherever they work – in your contact center, in a BPO, or remotely.

Guide Your Frontline Workforce with Human Adaptive Technology

Intuitive alerts create instant awareness of speaking behaviors and customer perception. Agents receive phone etiquette training, with guidance on how to speak with more empathy, confidence, professionalism, and efficiency, while early signs of customer frustration and intent to purchase help improve customer service and close deals.


Live Call Monitoring That Enhances Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service

Real-time dashboards empower supervisors to virtually walk the floor with real-time measures of customer experience, agent behavior, and the ability to proactively listen to live calls with no extra setup required. Supervisors are automatically alerted to calls in which a customer is having a poor experience.

Human-Centered AI Coaching That Goes Beyond Traditional
Speech Analytics

Cogito is the market leader in call center AI solutions, with over a decade of advanced R&D and hundreds of millions of analyzed phone conversations. Our unique combination of rich human behavior insights with real-time streaming natural language processing, unique to Cogito, allows us to combine the best of both worlds for a truer understanding of employee behavior and customer sentiment in real-time.

What is Customer Sentiment Analysis & Why is it Important?
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Leverage Human Aware Insights to Revolutionize Business Outcomes

Uncover new behavioral insights and trends with Cogito’s one-of-a-kind, signal-based machine learning platform that provides continuous streaming analysis of all phone conversations. Cogito’s analytics provide objective insight into agent speaking behavior and customer experience on every call. Live customer experience scores help identify actionable best practices and trends. With Cogito, establish better customer service solutions and new systems of employee and customer insights to improve internal analytics by leveraging unique behavioral and conversational data across your organization’s business-critical systems.

Built for the Modern Enterprise


Human Adaptive

Easy to learn and simple to use. Instantly access call recordings and insights anytime.


Easy to integrate

Cloud-based, easy to deploy and rapidly connect with Telephony, CRM and Business Intelligence.


Always secure

 Meeting and exceeding the security and compliance needs of today's largest enterprises.


Better with time

Cogito learns more as you do more – helping your organization perfect communication.

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Interested in benchmarking your customer service empathy output vs your peers? Cogito is offering a complimentary analysis for contact centers with 500 or more agents.

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