Elevate Customer and Employee Experiences with Precision

Introducing the next generation in quality assurance: Cogito’s enhanced quality assurance dashboard. Tailored for the dynamic needs of quality assurance managers and supervisors in customer contact centers, this dashboard is your gateway to transforming customer interactions and elevating employee engagement through the power of AI.

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Comprehensive Automation, Objective Assessments

Automate every aspect of customer interaction assessment with our fully automated quality assurance dashboard. By integrating Emotion AI, Conversation AI, and Generative AI, we offer a 360-degree view of how agents foster customer relationships and adhere to essential procedures and workflows.This seamless automation ensures every interaction is measured, providing a transparent and unbiased foundation for excellence. Cogito's quality assurance dashboard, informed by real-time AI insights, fosters trust through transparency. Our commitment to unbiased & accurate data ensures reliable, secure, and inclusive solutions, enhancing user confidence in the dashboard's intelligence and integrity.

Proactive Coaching,
Continuous Improvement

Our dashboard doesn’t just report; it enlightens. With continuous measurement of Customer Experience (CX) and assessment of Employee Experience (EX) on every call, we proactively pinpoint opportunities for agent coaching. Dive into the details with features like trending analysis, overall metric averages, and accordion functionality for agent-level insights. Advanced filtering at the individual, team, and organizational levels empowers you to tailor your focus where it matters most.

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Objective, Transparent
& Actionable Insights

Unlock actionable insights with two groundbreaking features: Coachable Moments and AI Suggested Talking Points. These tools highlight critical interactions for coaching, drawing from AI’s ability to detect nuanced performance cues. Whether it’s celebrating successes or identifying areas for growth, these insights ensure your coaching sessions are data-driven and impactful.

A Focus on Compliance

In sectors where compliance is non-negotiable, our dashboard is indispensable. It not only streamlines adherence to regulations but also elevates the standard for customer and employee experience. Experience how our AI-driven approach to quality assurance can safeguard your brand’s reputation while fostering an environment of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

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Case Study

This case study outlines how a Fortune 500 hotel franchising company redefined its quality assurance program by leveraging Cogito’s cutting-edge AI.

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