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Know What Customers Are Feeling, No Matter What They’re Saying

Cogito AI coaching software detects and measures honest signals, the true feelings behind the voice.

Cogito deepens your insight into customer sentiment in two ways:

  1. Artificial intelligence informed by machine learning and behavioral science detects more than 200 voice signals that reveal how speakers are feeling.
  2. Data compiled over time, in many conversations and many places, reveals problems, patterns, and trends impossible to detect otherwise.

Cogito Combines Proprietary Voice Insights with Conventional Sentiment and Speech Analytics

Conventional analytics have been limited to the words spoken, omitting the ways the words were actually spoken. As a result, they may miss the sarcasm or disappointment to really understand the call.

Cogito™ True Sentiment pairs the Cogito CX score with transcriptions, overcoming the chief flaw of conventional sentiment analysis and enabling truly informed text analytics.

Revelations of real-time customer sentiments combined with big data analyses provide Cogito users with a one-two punch of insight.

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What is Customer Sentiment Analysis & Why is it Important?

Understanding Customer
Sentiment Pays

A Fortune 100 insurer needed a way to alert sales representatives to opportunities. They cross-tabulated 15,000 calls-worth of Cogito data with associated sales data. Their analysis led to a new way to detect, through signals in voice, receptivity to a sales pitch.

It’s still too early to report results, but expectations are high. The sales team is excited, and sales managers are happy to have a concrete way to evaluate how their people are performing.

Scale Empathy Across the Enterprise with the Next Generation NLP Technology

Cogito offers the first scalable way for every agent to display more consistent emotional intelligence, delivering empathy on every call.

Improving the empathy of phone agents creates stronger human connections, leading to better conversational outcomes, such as:

  • Reduced call handle times
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Improved customer satisfaction and net
    promoter scores
  • Increased customer lifetime value

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