About Cogito

At Cogito, we are committed to enhancing the quality of human interactions. Cogito harnesses audio, voice, and text to build advanced Emotion, Conversation, and Generative AI applications, hosted on an innovative platform that provides real-time coaching and guidance to contact center agents, gives supervisors visibility into live conversations from their teams working from anywhere, and continuously monitors customer and employee experiences.

Our Focus:
Real-Time Coaching

We have honed our expertise in key areas: Emotion, Conversation, and Generative AI. These powerful tools equip agents with the skills and knowledge to build connections, improve relationships, project credibility, and ensure consistency in their interactions.

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Delivering Engaging
Customer Experiences

By combining the power of Emotion and Conversation AI cues, we enable agents to deliver engaging customer experiences. Our real-time guidance equips agents with the tools to connect with customers emotionally while providing accurate and trustworthy information. This unique combination ensures that each interaction is efficient but also meaningful and impactful.

At Cogito, we are passionate about improving the human experience in contact centers. By empowering agents with our AI technology, we can create a future where customer service professionals feel equipped, and customers feel valued. Join us as we continue to redefine the contact center industry and prioritize the human element in every conversation.

Key Milestones

Timeline 1

Discovering the Power of Social Signals

Timeline 2

Making a Difference in Veteran Mental Health

Timeline 3

Transforming Healthcare and Contact Centers

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Hybrid Work Revolution

Shaping the Future

At Cogito, we understand the challenges agents face and customers' evolving expectations in this new contact center landscape. By leveraging AI technology and our human-centric approach, we believe in creating a better future for the industry. We remain dedicated to improving the human experience, fostering connection, and driving positive outcomes at every level of the contact center industry.


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Cogito news

Cogito Expands Relationship with Leading U.S. Health Plan and Deepens API Integration with Fortune 25 Telecom Provider

“Ensuring employee and customer experience exceeds expectations is key for top-tier companies like these to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, which is why Cogito sees continuous innovation of our AI solutions as essential,” said Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito.

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Cogito Partners with Medallia to Enhance Real-Time Agent Guidance Cues and Customer Journey Analytics with Emotion and Conversation AI

By partnering with Medallia, we’re reducing friction by improving both the employee experience and the customer experience, driving more long-term business value from every service interaction.”

Cogito Executive Interview

Joshua highlights three key elements of their solution: real-time feedback, guidance on conversation content and nonverbal behavior, and the combination of customer and employee experience.

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