The Stakes of Human Interaction Have Never Been So High

In our world ruled by CX, every customer interaction is critical. The massive push of simple inquiries to self-service and automation has left the complex ones to your customer service representatives. To make matters worse, most are escalations from self-service or requests for assistance from digital processes. In both scenarios, customers couldn't complete what they were trying to accomplish and start their conversation with an agent, upset or frustrated.

And So is the Burden on Your Frontline Teams

Not only do your agents handle more complex inquiries, but they also must show empathy to customers, often on up to 70 calls daily. It is taking a toll and wearing them out. Fatigue and sometimes burnout are making this profession one of the most affected by the great resignation. It's time to take care of your employees!

Your Agents Need Better, Human-Centered Tools

Cogito was founded in 2007 from MIT research on how to give frontline teams tools to handle difficult conversations. We pioneered Emotion AI - the ability to analyze the voice to understand a speaker's emotional state and deliver recommendations to steer the conversation - on the challenging issue of helping veterans with PTSD and other mental health disorders. We equipped nurses to more accurately identify symptoms of depression and risk levels for suicide during routine calls. Using Emotion AI, they could listen beyond the words and hear the emotion in the tone of veterans' voices.

Enter Emotion AI & Conversation AI

Today, Cogito combines the power of voice signals, words, and phrases to generate Emotion AI cues, real-time guidance that embodies the essential skills needed to foster meaningful relationships. Simultaneously, Conversation AI optimizes topics to enrich product knowledge, ensure process adherence, and facilitate consistent procedural requirements.

By harnessing the insights provided by Emotion AI, which are attuned to expressed emotions & behaviors, agents can genuinely enhance their conversations by understanding how customers feel. Conversation AI topics are strategically designed to resolve customer queries with accurate information, capitalize on upselling opportunities and provide tailored product information, empowering agents to resolve customer issues effectively.

Take CX to New Heights With Human-Centered AI

Cogito's powerful acoustic and lexical AI models don't stop at giving nudges to agents. They measure the customer experience in real-time and for all calls, a breakthrough from legacy post-call survey methods.

CX measured on every call delivers the data for personalized coaching and development plans, essential to growing and retaining your employees. Cogito monitors the well-being of your associates, alerting team leaders to the risk of fatigue or potential burnout situations.

Combining Emotion and Conversation AI helps customer service teams deliver better experiences, become better professionals, and be happier at work.

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