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How Cogito’s Employee Experience (EX) Score is Ushering in the Next-Gen Contact Center

Craig Blake

Craig Blake

Contact centers are the heartbeat of customer-facing organizations, often the first touchpoint for individuals with issues to be resolved, questions to be answered and concerns to be shared. However, over the last few years, as teams have moved away from collaborative and coaching-rich centralized locations, the threads that previously bound contact center communities have frayed, manifesting in agent attrition, declining employee experiences, and gaps in proficiency. At the same time, customers continue demanding more personalized and frictionless experiences with the brands they trust.

With high call volumes, more complex interactions, and the never-ceasing pressure to deliver genuine connections, the need for frontline teams and supervisors to be armed with technology has grown. Many organizations, like our customers, turn to AI-based technology. AI can capture critical insights into every call in real-time, augmenting agent performance and providing conversational cues while equipping team leaders with personalized performance insights.

Introducing the EX Score

For many years, Cogito’s customer experience (CX) score has been and continues to be a competitive differentiator across the contact center industry by delivering a live, automatically generated view of customer perception. The CX score is leveraged by contact center leaders to understand the quality of customer interactions.

Customer-facing organizations increasingly find they cannot facilitate high-quality customer interactions without establishing a strong foundation for employee experience and are looking for ways to better gauge employee experience. With increased attention to employee well-being and work experience, the same research and technology that served as a foundation for the CX Score have been further developed and applied to create the employee experience (EX) score.

Much like the CX Score, the EX Score uniquely combines human-aware Emotion AI and Conversation AI, deriving real-time insights across single instances or trends across multiple calls. Cogito’s EX Score can be measured over time by individual agents, specific teams or the entire organization, allowing leaders to identify trends negatively or positively impacting the agent experience, like back-to-back calls without breaks (declining morale) or an influx in positive reinforcement nudges (increasing morale).

Amid high levels of dissatisfaction, burnout, and attrition, the EX Score helps solve the constant question contact center organizations face: How can you prevent burnout and help the agent experience? In fact, in December 2022, we welcomed one of the largest military-focused financial institutions as a new client, eager to improve employee experience and answer that same question.

Despite consistently delivering excellent customer experience, the military-focused financial institution selected Cogito to prioritize their employees after seeing burnout and attrition rise. Cogito’s ability to offer an Employee Experience (EX) Score for every call was a significant differentiator, along with the coaching capabilities of the emotion and conversation AI system. With Cogito’s support, the financial institution can better focus on enhancing employee well-being and driving emotional connections as part of its extensive customer-focused initiatives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a demo with Cogito today and see how the EX Score can transform your organization and usher in the next-gen contact center.

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