Achieving Customer Service Excellence With Remote Agents

In this webinar, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Kate Leggett and Cogito’s SVP of Product & Marketing, Steve Kraus, discuss how customer service is transforming in order to deliver great human-centered experiences in the new normal of the remote workforce. Learn how to achieve great customer service with remote agents.

This webinar explores

  • The current state of customer service and its strategic importance to the enterprise
  • How to transform remote contact center operations with right balance of people, processes and technology
  • How enterprises are leveraging cutting-edge AI to coach for agent soft skills and enable their supervisors to remain connected with their teams
  • Real-world case studies on leading organizations who are leveraging human-aware AI and achieving customer service excellence

Featured speakers

Kate Leggett Forrester VP & Principal Analyst
Steve Kraus SVP of Marketing, Product and Finance