Competing in the empathy economy means appealing to customer emotion and delivering consistently exceptional CX as a key differentiator. With increased pressure on call center agents to deliver enhanced CX, it’s critical for them to avoid certain call behaviors that frustrate customers and negatively impact CX.

In this webinar, Cogito’s Sr. Director of Strategic Services, Naomi Nuta will reveal the top 6 call center agent behaviors that customers find most frustrating, why they occur often, and how AI can augment agents to avoid these negative behaviors. Learn how leading call centers are leveraging the latest advancements in human aware technology to coach agents to recognize and respond to these behaviors in real-time to deliver consistently exceptional CX.

This webinar explores

  • The top 6 call center agent behaviors that frustrate customers the most
  • Why negative call behaviors occur and behavior change strategies for rooting them out
  • How human aware AI is coaching agents to avoid negative behaviors in real-time
  • Fortune 100 case studies on organizations leveraging AI for enhanced agent and call center performance

Featured speakers

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Naomi Nuta