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“Why Cogito?” Series: Neha Nemade

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We connected with Neha Nemade, Senior Product Manager, to discuss why she chose Cogito. Neha joined the company in November of 2020 working out of the Boston location. For this blog, Neha shares what drove her to join the Cogito team, her thoughts on the product and company culture, and what she is excited to be working on.  

Tell us a bit about what you do for Cogito? 
My team in product mainly operates to scale Cogito’s technology. All the products we work on are enhancements to the existing system that allow Cogito to scale as the client base increases, while also scaling the product itself. For example, I am working on personalized coaching which allows the team to expand the value that we provide to our customers. 

What was the biggest driving factor in your decision to join Cogito?
Joining Cogito was a no brainer because the company and the product are forward looking, uniquely innovative, and futuristic. I had worked in the contact center space for about three years prior to Cogito, and saw first-hand how this type of technology can revolutionize the enterprise. Cogito is focused on providing tools to help the agents remain successful and be the best versions of themselves – a mission that I can fully support.

What do you think of the product?
In my contact center experience, I worked closely with various types of industry software, so I understand how hard it can be for agents to manage everything, from the technology to the customer call itself, all at once. The most valuable aspect of  Cogito’s product is that it operates in the background and helps agents course correct whenever they are wavering from their initial task. This empowers them to provide the best customer experience possible. My favorite attribute of the product is how non intrusive it is. It does its purpose well. As AI is constantly improving, so is Cogito. As we coach more agents, the better the product can get.

What makes Cogito different?
In the last three months I have been here, Cogito is unapologetically keeping the customer first at all times. In every capacity, the team is always thinking about the end user and that is what makes this product different. The agents and customers are always first.

What are you most passionate about within your role?
My biggest passion within my role is solving problems. Everything about Cogito’s product surrounds the idea that technology can help us see patterns and identify insights that humans wouldn’t be able to – and ultimately, leveraging those insights for guidance.  Being able to learn and translate constantly not only is amazing, but it also helps me grow.

How do you envision the company growing in the next few years?
Cogito has a lot of prospects right now, which means we are looking at a lot of end users. This helps Cogito grow our models and further refine how we bring value to our clients. Cogito is going to get the product in front of more end users, which will help in the growth process. If we build for scale and add more and more value to their product, there is no stopping us.

What skills or experience do you anticipate gaining while working for Cogito?
In terms of scale, thinking strategically about the product, I used to be on teams where someone else drove the strategy and I implemented it. Here at Cogito, I get to expand my scope of work. Not only do I get to strategize, but I get to see it through to deployment. Basically, I’m responsible for evaluating what is important in terms of the business right now. Personally, Cogito also gives me the opportunity to grow new muscle and develop my skill set.

What stands out to you about the people/culture at Cogito?
The people and culture of Cogito is built on empathy and emotional intelligence. 2020 has been hard for everyone but being onboarded and learning about Cogito remotely, although it has been tough, has been made easier because everyone is so eager to help. They are willing to spend as much time as you need to help you understand all the necessary steps.

In our remote world, what is one way you like to connect with other Cogicians?
I will randomly book time on a Cogicians calendar to ask questions and get that face-to-face contact. Although it is tough to build relationships remotely, Cogicians are always willing to take 20 minutes to talk and get to know you.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Cogito is a place where growth is inevitable. Coming onboard has been an amazing experience and to anyone who is looking for an opportunity, Cogito is a fantastic place to grow. I applied to Cogito through LinkedIn and reached out to a Cogician. I heard back in less than 24 hours. The hiring process was quick, the interviewers were so kind and responsive, making this one of the easiest hiring processes and decisions.

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