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Customer Advisory Board Recap: Discussing the Future of AI for CX & EX

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Mark Leonard

At Cogito, we pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to leveraging AI to deliver excellent customer and employee experiences. On a daily basis, we guide our clients on how to build better service experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and leverage the latest technologies to drive efficiencies. Being the experts though, also means knowing when to listen and let our clients do the talking so we can effectively understand what KPIs matter most and what challenges keep them up at night – which is exactly what we did during our recent Customer Advisory Board meeting.

We had the privilege of hosting executives from several renowned Fortune 500 companies who we are honored to call Cogito clients. This gathering served as a platform for interactive and engaging conversations, where we exchanged insights and updates Cogito has in store for the near future with industry leaders. The lively discussions included a presentation on generative AI, covering everything you wanted to know about the topic but were too afraid to ask.

These candid conversations are highly valuable as we navigate this new era of AI technology. Here are some of the most interesting themes and takeaways from our discussions:

Generative AI’s Accessibility and Potential Impact in the Contact Center

Generative AI has the potential to assist in various fields from contact centers, to software development and information summarization. In the contact center space, it can assist by improving customer service quality and efficiency. Implemented strategically, AI can transform customer service by providing faster, more accurate and personalized support to customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, increased revenue for enterprises.

Generative AI will make us think more critically, creating opportunities to use new skill sets that augment our work, different from the skills we’ve previously used to do the work without it. Every industry has its own nuances and language that can be used to train industry-specific models. These models can be trained without requiring significant financial resources or extensive data sets. We expect the boom of Generative AI to continue and have a significant impact throughout the next five years, and we’re excited to be helping our clients lead this path forward.

At Cogito we are leveraging generative AI applications combined with real-time supervisor alerts, empowering frontline leaders in the contact center to proactively address operational challenges, improve quality, and enhance both the agent and customer experiences in the moment.

Operationalizing the Latest in Conversation Intelligence: CAI and Personalized Coaching

During our Customer Advisory Board meeting, we heard firsthand from our clients on the impact leveraging our Conversation AI (CAI) and Personalized Coaching has had on their businesses. CAI identifies conversational context and effectively recommends how to respond when key topics of conversation are discussed. It also alerts agents to helpful resources and knowledgeable articles to support the next best action in real-time, and successfully directs operations leaders and supervisors to manage and support their workforce. For Personalized Coaching, features are designed to better support employees in handling complex customer service inquiries, and it focuses on personalized professional development based on each agent’s skills, auto-generated for supervisors to save time and focus on the behaviors that matter most.

With CAI, clients are realizing benefits quickly, including improving call quality, reducing continuous speaking, improving handle time and quality, identifying learning curves, and continuity of training. The Personalized Coaching features are also driving changes beyond just the call, leading to changes in how teams approach quality and operations. With Personalized Coaching, all levels of leadership have more insight into the behaviors of individual agents while supervisor workload is dramatically reduced for them to focus on the coaching that is critical to the operation.

Product Insights & The Next Wave of Cogito Conversation Intelligence

Cogito is focused on improving the experience at the manager level with new Real-Time Alerts for Supervisors and Quality Managers to address operational inefficiencies in the contact center. Live alerts provide critical information personalized to supervisors’ needs, team priorities, and the most important topics at hand. With this actionable guidance, supervisors are alerted to agents experiencing either a lower or higher employee experience (EX) or customer experience (CX) than normal, so supervisors can effectively assist agents dealing with frustrating calls and recognize those who exhibit resilience and quick recovery.

Our recently launched EX Score leverages human-centered signals to accurately assess how a contact center agent will feel following each of their daily customer interactions. Contact centers are now increasing the focus on EX and well-being amidst high levels of dissatisfaction, burnout and attrition. Our EX Score provides new insight into your operations and your agents’ daily experience, allowing your business to take action. Samples of operational applications include:

  • Identifying issues with capacity planning and staffing
  • Assessing which call types / products have the most challenging conversations to provide better support to agents
  • Monitoring experience of high risk groups e.g., low tenure, prior performance issues, location
  • Exploring moments of friction, e.g. when lower EX or CX may converge and rupture the Customer Journey

EX varies across industries and within an individual company’s separate business units. Easy calls don’t happen very often, and calls that are volatile in nature lead to issues with absenteeism, attrition and burnout. Even if an agent manages their emotions very well on calls, we are looking to see how they feel about being yelled at. Staffing needs can also be assessed with the aid of Cogito’s insights by identifying which calls are more complex, how resilient agents can be and who is burning out and in need of a break. Clients using Cogito are seeing a trend of both positive CX and EX, and our work has confirmed that there is a direct relationship between our CX and EX scores.

Our advisory board confirmed that EX remains as a key strategic lever in designing the optimal customer experience operation and were thrilled to see the correlation we have been able to show between positive EX and CX.

A Big Thank You to Our Clients

We express our deepest gratitude to our esteemed Customer Advisory Board for their invaluable presence, collaboration and forward-thinking mindset. The opportunity to learn, share and embark on this future journey together was truly remarkable, and we sincerely hope that each participant found immense value in the experience, just as we, as leaders of Cogito, did.

As we move forward, we are thrilled to sustain our partnership and expansion with some of the most influential enterprises in industries spanning healthcare, telecom, technology, insurance, travel and retail. Together we will continue to deliver real-time support and guidance, empowering organizations with the tools they need to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

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