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Establishing Customer Satisfaction Across Enterprise AI Organizations

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Joshua Feast

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline, automate and improve enterprise processes is boundless. Enterprise AI companies are responsible for establishing tools that enhance outcomes or move the needle for the organization. But not all AI technologies are created equal, and not all tools will deliver the promised results effectively. For AI companies, it can be daunting to stand out from the vast options of AI tools and demonstrate true, measurable value. However, being able to sell the technology to prospects and pinpoint what’s valuable to them helps establish enterprise customer satisfaction.

In today’s competitive landscape, keeping up with the seemingly daily cadence of new tools and technologies can be challenging for organizations looking to identify their unique value proposition.

So, what are the key drivers to establish success and satisfaction for your AI?

Customer-Centered Service

Establishing a culture of customer-product success is of the utmost importance. Leaders must remember that becoming a customer-centric company means going beyond providing quality customer service. Developing a strong organizational foundation with experienced professionals, well-developed processes and stable infrastructure is required.

However, this process doesn’t happen overnight. When organizations adapt and evolve, the value of AI inevitably shifts. Customers should be assured their vendors will remain diligent, open to feedback and bring expertise as they develop the product. An AI solution is only as valuable as its ability to shift and meet the ever-changing needs of a business. Companies must foster an environment where service is prioritized by maintaining a customer-oriented outlook. When established at a company’s core, it can more effectively adapt to align with digital transformation and technological advancements across the industry.

Quantified Economic Value

We’re witnessing more organizations relying on AI and ML capabilities to drive financial incentives. When it comes to quantified economic value, organizations desire the ability to progress beyond reporting key performance indicators to tangible monetary outputs. This is especially true as AI remains a relatively new industry for many, and every dollar of spend needs to be justified and competed for—so it is on the AI vendor to bring the ROI measurement expertise relevant to their domain.

While data deployment is critical, many businesses need help executing their AI systems in production. For ROI from AI to happen, it must be personalized according to a company’s primary business goals. When this is present, AI can be accountable for driving unmatched efficiency. As this pertains to Cogito, our ROI is improving contact center effectiveness through our AI capabilities to ensure representatives are adequately providing premier customer service.

Delivery of Product Innovation

Businesses must establish a cadence and schedule for releases, activations and enablement across all teams, including customer teams. When this is established, product capabilities and innovations can be regularly delivered. Throughout the industry, enterprise customers prefer to partner with newer or more innovative AI vendors because they can still evolve and continuously improve their product offerings. Business needs can change quickly—the pandemic taught us that all too well. AI partners need to match that pace of change with ongoing and consistent product innovations and an overall commitment to continuous improvement.

Today, Cogito equips frontline teams with real-time AI-driven insights. Our cadence in delivering new capabilities has also accelerated. Within just the last year alone, these new releases include:

Our integrations and enhancements have been critical to delivering our customer service success every day.

The primary challenge for founders and business leaders is understanding what “good” looks like so they can deliver meaningful outputs. Although it may be challenging to integrate these principles, it’s undoubtedly crucial for organizations to focus on implementation. As a company, Cogito has capitalized on enterprise AI starting to hit the mainstream by developing and expanding upon our capabilities, infrastructure, experience and culture. In focusing on the three elements above, we’ve guaranteed our enterprise AI customers will experience nothing short of satisfaction with our solution. So long as other companies follow suit, this will usher their long-term success.

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