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Why I Chose to Intern at Cogito

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Morgan Aviles

This past Spring, I accepted an exciting offer with a leading tech company in Boston: a marketing internship here at Cogito. It’s well known that Boston is one of the top tech hubs in the States and competition around hiring can be fierce. That said, there are three main reasons why I decided interning at Cogito was the best decision I could have made.

  1. Company/Technology

Upon seeing the internship listing, I immediately took a deep dive into the story behind Cogito and its technology. What initially struck me was the company’s current success in the customer service space and future potential beyond that. As a psychology major, I was very intrigued with how Cogito combines behavioral science with artificial intelligence to augment and enhance an individual’s abilities. I would be remiss to say that the company’s growth and increasing market demand wasn’t inherently appealing to me as well. In the past year alone the company grew at more than 150% and closed a $45 million Series C funding round with multiple new investors. With that knowledge in hand, I jumped at the opportunity to help market a novel solution in an industry with such rapid change and high demand, especially one that I myself am so passionate about.

  1. People

While the company and its technology initially drew me in, the people and culture made me realize that Cogito was exactly where I wanted to be. I love to surround myself with like-minded people that have large goals to help people with the technology they create. Derek, the talent manager here at Cogito, said it best:

“I want to be around brilliant, driven and nice people tackling big challenges and that is exactly what we’re doing at Cogito.”

During my interview process, I met with various Cogicians with whom I would be interacting and working with on a daily basis. They were welcoming, inspiring, and eager to offer me advice on my internship experience. It was clear from that first meeting that Cogito’s employees are the exact type of people I want to learn from this summer.

  1. Personal Growth

As a college student thinking about my future, it was important to me to find an internship where I will be challenged, in an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages personal growth. I want to make connections and learn invaluable skills from those around me about marketing, product development, business operations and even day-to-day life in a start-up environment. I am confident that I have found this at Cogito. 

During the interview process, Steve Kraus, VP of Marketing and Partnerships, asked me what I wanted to gain from this internship, and with so much potential at this company, I honestly didn’t know where to start. After accepting the position later that week, he asked me to make a list of people in the company I wanted to meet with and learn from to ensure that my experience is well-rounded and thorough. This is where Cogito truly stood out; they weren’t just interested in what I could do for them, but also what they could do for me.

By the time I signed my internship offer, I had no doubt that Cogito was where I wanted to be. With a successful growing company, driven people, great culture, and the possibility to grow as a young professional, there was no way to turn this opportunity down. I am thankful to have the chance to intern at Cogito and look forward to all that the summer has in store for me. Later this summer, I will discuss what I learned from this marketing internship and how Cogito has helped me think about my future career opportunities!

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