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The Anywhere Office: Introducing Cogito’s Office Optional Policy

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Shawn Hoyt

When COVID-19 hit, like many companies, Cogito sent folks home quickly, assuming the quarantine would last for a few weeks, maybe two months, and then we would all be together again. Obviously that was not the case and here we are in September still at home. 

From teams that work almost entirely remote, to a small office in Dublin and work-at-home options for our Boston based employees, Cogito has always valued the flexibility of remote work. But now, with everyone at home, we saw an opportunity: establish a truly anywhere office. 

This is why we are moving to an Office Optional workspace here at Cogito. We have Cogicians who love the office, enjoy being around the team and thrive on the bustling city, and we can’t wait to see them all back in the office when it is safe of course!  But for the folks that have realized being remote more often, or even all of the time, is better for them that’s OK too. We expect to see a lot of hybrid schedules where Cogicians work from home some days and come into the office on other days, but fluidly week-to-week based on what works best for them, not on any fixed schedule. 

Our team is excited about this new initiative and the flexibility and time for creativity it will allow. In an upcoming series of blogs we will be highlighting Cogicians across the company, letting each individual share how this Office Optional arrangement works for them!

Interested in joining our anywhere office? See our open roles here.

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