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Cristina Gorrostieta Named Finalist in VentureBeat AI Award

Charnele Williams

Cogito’s own Cristina Gorrostieta, Principal Data Scientist, was named a finalist for the VentureBeat Women in AI award for AI Research. This award honors women who have made significant impacts in AI research, by helping accelerate processes within their organizations, influencing academic research, and/or shaping the overall field.

Since 2013, Cristina has contributed to Cogito’s fantastic growth, particularly in the advancement of Emotion AI for supporting contact center agents. 

We spoke to Cristina about her VentureBeat nomination and got the chance to learn a little bit more about the woman behind the machine.

In her own words. . . . 


1. What sparked your initial interest in AI?

“The ability to find patterns and learn from tons of data sparks my curiosity and was one of the things that initially got my interest in AI. Given my formation in statistics, the mathematical component in AI research is another factor that caught my interest. Currently, there are many challenges quickly arising in AI research, and having the opportunity to make an impact by developing a fairer AI is another aspect that has kept my interest.”

2. How did it feel to discover that you were a finalist for the Women in AI award and what did the nomination mean to you?

“It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I felt grateful for being nominated, selected, and recognized in this way. Also, I felt honored to be nominated alongside other great women AI researchers. This nomination meant that my work has been seen and valued. And that I could have the possibility of influencing others with my work. This is very motivating!”

3. You’re working on some of Cogito’s exciting future projects (ie the EX model), how do you think your contributions will impact Cogito’s upcoming features?

“Working on the EX model will impact Cogito’s features by adding information from the call center agent perspective to the system.” 

4. How will Cogito’s EX models help revolutionize the call center space?

“I hope that it impacts the well being of call centers employees by helping these companies better recognize their employee’s cares and needs. Making contact centers more aware of their employee needs can help them acknowledge their agents as not only service providers, but as individuals whose happiness needs to be prioritized as well.”

5. What has been your favorite contribution/project/ feature you helped develop here at Cogito?

“My favorite contribution has been supporting the development of notifications. Going from developing specific notifications such as Empathy Cue, to proposing methodologies for the development of Cogito’s general notifications was exciting. There are many challenges around notifications development but it feels rewarding that my work has contributed to building the Cogito product.”

More About VentureBeat

VentureBeat has been honoring leaders, mentors, researchers, and entrepreneurs within the AI industry since 2019. The VentureBeat Women in AI Awards were established to emphasize the vital voices and transformative work of these women. Cristina’s contributions here at Cogito have significantly impacted the current and future models within our organization. We are extremely proud to have her on our team and will continue to exemplify the work and accomplishments of our extraordinary Cogicians.

For more information on the Transform 2022, VentureBeat flagship event, please checkout their website.

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