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7 Reasons Why I joined Cogito

Joel Makhluf

Cogito ergo sum is the famous Latin philosophical proposition first posed by René Descartes in his 1637 seminal work Discourse on the Method. The phrase translates to “I think, therefore I am.”

I joined an exciting and innovative artificial intelligence technology company based in the heart of Boston’s Financial District that borrows its name from the beginning part of Descartes’ famous line, Cogito or “I think.” The connection to Descartes is amazingly appropriate. Dubbed the father of modern western philosophy, Descartes was one of history’s great innovators and disruptors of the status quo. Cogito the company, is no different. In fact, our AI platform, which augments call center agents’ emotional intelligence, is disrupting the way companies deliver service by making them better at exceeding the expectations of their customers.

Having spent the last seven years working for a SaaS software provider to the property insurance industry, I understand the importance of customer service to large scale corporations who are constantly looking to differentiate themselves in heavily crowded marketplaces. Cogito is a game changer, blending artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral science to elevate the human ability to recognize non-verbal social cues and be more emotionally intelligent.

I am impressed with all facets of Cogito and knew I was making the right decision to join their team.

Here’s a look at the top 7 reasons why I joined Cogito:

Origin – Born out of the prestigious MIT Media Lab and based on the groundbreaking scientific research of world famous professor Dr. Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the origin story of Cogito plays like a Hollywood screenplay. MIT has produced some of the world’s most innovative technologies including GPS Systems, the World Wide Web, Touch Screen Technology and Wearables. Cogito is the next great MIT innovation that is changing the world.

Technology – The basis of any software company is the technology. Does it produce technology that serves a need of a target audience? Does it solve major pain points for an industry? Is there a market fit for the technology? It was clear to me that the answer to these questions is a resounding yes. Cogito is on the cutting edge of innovation with a platform that combines AI, machine learning and behavioral science to augment human ability.

Impact – Leaders of enterprise customer service organizations have specific metrics they strive to achieve within their operations. They need to drive higher efficiency and increase employee engagement while keeping customer satisfaction high. Not an easy task, but it’s exactly the ROI Cogito provides them. Contact Centers who have deployed Cogito have experienced a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, a 14% reduction in average handle time and a 6% increase in first contact resolution. These measurable results represent unbelievable ROI for the customer. When we combine the hard numbers with the fact that agents like the software and become better at their jobs, Cogito’s impact becomes very impressive.

Customers – Cogito is working with the world’s largest and most prestigious service organizations. Companies like Metlife, Zurich, Humana and Carefirst are just some of the companies that are leveraging Cogito’s technology to provide their millions of their customers with a better experience. The ability to partner with and impact this caliber of company was very appealing to me.

People – To be an innovative company, you need innovative people. This sounds cliche, but it is true. I knew I wanted to be in a highly collaborative and innovative environment with smart, driven people that shared common goals. I am highly impressed with the team at Cogito and find them to truly embody these qualities.

Work – My role at Cogito is the Director of Demand Generation. I enjoy working on programs and initiatives that showcase Cogito’s technology and the impact it has on enterprise customer service organizations. The ‘cool’ factor of Cogito is a big plus. Being able to market a cutting edge technology that leverages the latest advancements in AI, machine learning and behavioral science is greatly rewarding. I also get to be part of a very strategic, talented and collaborative marketing team. Win. Win. Win.

Challenge – Cogito is positioned well and is experiencing incredible growth, but an exciting challenge lies ahead – to ensure we remain on that growth trajectory while maintaining the utmost quality. I was attracted to a company and role where I can leverage my unique combination of creative and operational skills to provide value to customers and prospects alike.  The challenge/reward dynamic that Cogito presented was very appealing and made my decision to sign on very easy.

Check out Cogito’s career page to see our open positions – we’re hiring!

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