Scaling Empathy Through A Next Gen Center of Excellence

In this webinar, Cogito’s Sr. Director, Strategic Services, Naomi Nuta and Edd Zomerman, Principal Strategic Services Consultant will reveal the formula for establishing a next gen Center of Excellence for your call center that is grounded in emotional intelligence. Learn how to scale emotional connections and empathy driven interactions with your customers and understand the ROI this will drive for your business through enhanced customer experience.

This webinar explores

  • Leveraging Behavioral Science principles to drive change in the call center
  • How to establish a Center of Excellence in large organizations for maximum ROI
  • How emotional intelligence based coaching drives an empathetic culture that improves business outcomes
  • Real-world case studies on leading organizations who are leveraging Centers of Excellence to achieve enhanced customer experience and increased employee engagement

Featured speakers

Naomi Nuta Sr. Director, Strategic Services
Edd Zomerman Principal Strategic Services Consultant