Call centers have made the shift to hybrid work and agent wellness has become top of mind for call center leaders as they seek to maintain excellence in service levels and deliver strong business ROI from their CX initiatives.

In this webinar, Cogito’s Chief Behavioral Science Officer, Dr. Skyler Place, discusses how leading call centers are employing innovative approaches to agent wellness that focus on improving the hybrid work environment. Learn how the latest advancements in human-aware AI are empowering agents with personalized coaching experiences in hybrid settings that are driving higher levels of wellness, more consistent CX performance and measurable ROI.

This webinar explores

  • Strategic priorities for call center leaders managing hybrid teams
  • The focus on enhancing agent wellness to drive CX excellence
  • How human aware AI is empowering agents & positively impacting agent wellness
  • Fortune 100 case studies on organizations leveraging AI to drive agent wellness & ROI

Featured speakers

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Skyler Place