For call center agents working in remote environments, empathy fatigue is a real phenomenon that brings with it significant ramifications. Call center leaders are searching for an answer to this pervasive problem to help improve employee wellness.

In this webinar, and in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Cogito’s Sr. Director of Strategic Services, Naomi Nuta discusses how leading call centers are leveraging the latest advancements in human aware AI to improve the employee experience for their agents and supervisors. Learn how an empathy-driven approach to agent wellness is emerging and being prioritized in the age of the remote, cloud based call center. Discover how improved agent wellness drives higher customer engagement and enhanced business value.

This webinar explores

  • Empathy fatigue and the current state of the virtual call center
  • The emergence & prioritization of an empathy-driven approach to agent wellness
  • How human aware AI is supporting agents & improving employee wellness
  • Fortune 100 case studies on organizations leveraging AI for enhanced agent wellness in the call center

Featured speakers

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Naomi Nuta