Can call centers systematically develop and manage behaviors to achieve superior performance and drive enhanced business value for their organizations? The short answer is yes.

In this webinar, Cogito’s Sr. Director, Strategic Services, Naomi Nuta and Head of Product Marketing, Dave D’Aprile discuss how leading call centers are leveraging behavioral science principles to drive positive behavior change with their front line agents and supervisors. Discover how the latest advancements in human aware AI are providing real-time feedback through behavioral nudging to empower the front lines to deliver superior customer experience and enhanced business value.

This webinar explores

  • How behavior change science impacts modern-day call center operations
  • Call center management strategies, best practices and key challenges
  • How human aware AI supports real-time behavior change in the call center
  • Fortune 100 case studies on organizations leveraging AI to enhance employee performance and drive enhanced business value

Featured speakers

Naomi Nuta Sr. Director, Strategic Services