Are you building positive call center habits that drive great CX? In the call center, habits are the small decisions your frontline agents make and the actions they perform every day. Ensuring they are set up to build and maintain positive habits while avoiding negative behaviors will define your strategy for CX excellence.

In this webinar, Cogito’s Sr. Principal Advise Consultant, Kate Webster will discuss how habit formation occurs and the critical importance of positive habit development for call center agents. Learn how leading call centers are leveraging the latest advancements in human aware AI to coach agents in real-time, developing and fostering positive habit formation to create exceptional customer experiences at scale.

This webinar explores

  • The top positive habits of successful call center agents & how they drive improved CX
  • Why negative habits develop & strategies for addressing them head on
  • How human aware AI is coaching agents to develop positive CX habits in real-time
  • Fortune 100 case studies on organizations leveraging AI to drive positive habits and better call center performance

Featured speakers

Kate Webster Sr. Principal Advise Consultant