Customer Service is at a tipping point. In the age of the remote workforce, enterprises must transform contact center operations to drive more human connections and achieve customer service excellence.

In this webinar, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Kate Leggett will join Cogito’s SVP of Product & Marketing, Steve Kraus, to discuss how customer service is transforming in order to deliver great human-centered experiences in the new normal of the remote workforce. Learn how enterprises are leveraging cutting-edge AI to coach for soft skills and guide agents to be more engaged in interactions. Understand how human-aware AI is also enabling remote supervisors to maintain employee connections by “virtually” walking the floor. Come away with the knowledge to transform your contact center and achieve customer service excellence.

This Webinar will explore:

  • The current state of customer service and its strategic importance to the enterprise
  • How to transform remote contact center operations with the right balance of people, processes and technology
  • How enterprises are leveraging cutting-edge AI to coach for agent soft skills and enable their supervisors to remain connected with their teams
  • Real-world case studies on leading organizations who are leveraging human-aware AI and achieving customer service excellence

Who should attend:

  • Customer Experience
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Sales/Service Operations
  • Innovation Teams
  • Anyone charged with improving the CX/contact center experience

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Featured speakers

Kate Leggett Forrester VP & Principal Analyst
Steve Kraus SVP of Marketing, Product and Finance