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Why I Work at Cogito

Martha Sager

I recently moved back to Boston after 20+ years living and working in NYC. Up until this point, my career has focused solely on helping startups get up and running through marketing and sales efforts. These efforts included determining the value proposition of what my entrepreneurial employers had to offer and then finding that offering’s most beneficial consumer. Startups are exciting on so many levels – the pace at which they must grow (or risk going under), the uniqueness of industry-first products/services, the challenge of carving out a completely new conversation, and the extreme pride you feel in encouraging a client to take a chance and delivering the success you always knew was possible.

It was really a thrill.  But after 20 years, I decided to make a change and move back to Boston with the intent of working for a tenured company, a large company, a behemoth company – a place where I could contribute to the great work they were doing in a more settled atmosphere. While I received a number of offers for which I was grateful, none of them felt quite right. Repeatedly during my networking though, I heard about a remarkable company called Cogito. Once I took a closer look at Cogito, I realized my days working in a high growth company weren’t near over.  

Throughout my career, I was extremely fortunate in being able to choose which opportunities I supported with my outreach efforts. My criteria for choosing was straightforward – I had to love and genuinely be proud of what my employers were providing; it had to be prescient and cutting edge. It had to have thoughtful leadership willing to sacrifice greatly for its success. It had to help not only a client’s bottom line, but also, and more importantly, its front-line employees.

Cogito didn’t just meet these criteria, it eclipsed every expectation I’d previously benchmarked. Brilliant leadership, warriors all. A community of diverse and masterful colleagues. A breakthrough technology based on 15 years of research at MIT’s media lab, incubated with DARPA funding to support the healthcare of U.S. veterans returning from active service. Today, Cogito is a highly wrought AI technology that serves to offer enterprise companies millions of dollars in operational savings because it empowers front-line call center agents to create deeper connections and a stronger rapport with their customers through real-time behavioral guidance, ultimately to foster a more empathetic world.

I work for Cogito because serving behemoth companies whose goals are to be customer-centered by empowering agents with tools that provide for more positive outcomes, benefiting all involved, is work that I am privileged to do.  

Why don’t YOU work for Cogito?

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