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The Spinout is Off and Running – Congratulations to the CompanionMx team!

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Joshua Feast

As you may have seen, CompanionMx announced today it has officially spun out from Cogito, with the launch of the Companion mobile mental health monitoring solution. I couldn’t be prouder of this team and the work they’ve done to bring the Companion app to market. With my colleague, Sub Datta, at the helm as the CEO of CompanionMx, I’m incredibly optimistic about the impact Companion will have on patients, providers and the mental health industry at large in the years to come.

We see close synergies between Cogito Dialog and Companion in their abilities to apply AI to improve emotional intelligence and the productivity of a given population. Based on the market demand and the maturity of the Companion product, it is the right time for it to stand on its own as an independent company, with a dedicated executive team to push product development forward and drive go-to-market.

When we originally developed the Companion application, we responded to an enormous need for evidence-based healthcare, and particularly evidence-based mental healthcare. Companion opens the door for physicians to have a conversation with their patients about specific days and moments and allows them to leverage data to create a proactive care plan that helps foster patient trust and engagement. I’m thrilled to know this product will be available to support and fulfill this need for mental health patients and their providers.

We remain grateful to the organizations who supported Cogito and the Companion app early on, including DARPA, the U.S. Veterans Administration and the National Institutes of Mental Health. Without their confidence in the product and mission, we would not be where we are today.

Congratulations, CompanionMx team – your future is bright!

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