Martha Sager

Vice President, Business Development

Martha brings over twenty years of experience in attracting new clients, seizing new business opportunities, and developing trusted partnerships with top leaders within the Private and Public sectors. Her focus on customer-centric excellence is derived from a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen allowing her to transform innovative ideas into profits. A skillful communicator, Martha works to define business objectives and articulate the corporate vision in a way that inspires imagination and compels action. Outcome-oriented with a track record of successfully introducing product and service category creators, she thrives in delivering business value and competitive differentiation. What sets her apart is that Martha charted her path through a series of diverse industries – advertising, publishing, communications, film production, physical AI security, and ultimately SaaS technology – while consistently rising to meet revenue generating and operational challenges.

Martha received a B.A. in Public Administration  from The American University in Washington, DC. After 20+ years living and working in NYC, she’s moved back to the greater Boston area where she volunteer fund-raises for charities, hikes, bikes and explores as much art, music, theater, and history as time allows for.