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Rutgers University Healthcare and Cogito – Improving Engagement and Reducing Distress in Vulnerable Populations

Steve Kraus

We are thrilled to welcome Rutgers University Behavioral Health Centers (UBHC) as our newest client and partner. UBHC is one of the largest providers of behavioral health services in the United States. We’re great partners for each other because UBHC is an innovator in improving both the quality and the access to behavioral health services and Cogito’s advanced real time behavioral analytics solutions help organizations improve patient engagement and better recognize and reduce distress in vulnerable populations.

UBHC offers an array of cost-effective managed care and employee assistance programs that collaborate with organizations in an effort to maximize workplace productivity and job satisfaction while decreasing related costs and risk. They also offer several telephonically delivered clinical support and crisis intervention services. These programs include peer-to-peer support lines to provide support to mothers of special needs children, Cop2Cop to provide support to New Jersey law Enforcement officials, and suicide prevention services such as the New Jersey Hopeline.

Last year UBHC cared for over 15,000 individuals who benefited from over 230,000 services ranging from outpatient psychotherapy to crisis interventions and both acute and chronic care. UBHC offers treatment services in 13 languages.

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