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Passion. People. Potential. Why I Joined Cogito

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In an age of all-time low unemployment, greater emphasis on work-life balance, and wildly expanding tech opportunities, it has never been a better time to ensure that the next chapter of your career path is the right fit. Navigating through applications and interviews is never an easy process, but when you find the right position, the choice becomes an obvious one. While interviewing at Cogito, it was an easy selection and the transition has been nothing short of the ideal.

When I first started my job search, I decided to focus on three main attributes of the ideal company: passion, people, and potential. 


Passion has always been a differentiator for me when looking at companies. I’m someone who performs significantly better when I’m working on something that I truly care about and believe in. Not only did I want to work with an interesting product, but also a company with an inspiring mission. Cogito has provided me with both.

The product is on the bleeding edge of tech and innovation to the point where I quite frankly didn’t believe a lot of what I initially read about it. Cogito’s artificial intelligence can analyze a conversation, pick up non-verbal cues that some people wouldn’t even catch. Then the technology interprets those cues to help coach individuals on how to steer a conversation in the right direction. The AI and deep learning algorithms behind this product have tapped into the most human parts of speech like never before. And unlike most AI companies out there today, Cogito’s mission isn’t to replace people with robots and get rid of jobs, but instead to augment existing jobs making them a more pleasurable and efficient experience for employees and customers alike. 


The second quality I prioritize is a good company culture. Most companies will highlight their great employees and company culture online, but an image or video can only tell you so much. I’ve found that you need to experience these interactions and dynamics in person to get a true feel for the company culture. For me, this happens almost entirely through the interview process. Most of the other companies I interviewed with had a system that felt like a series of interrogations. The person conducting the interview would ask their question, I’d give my answer, and we would move on to the next question with little to no elaboration or conversation at all. After a few of these binary interactions, I would be given about 5 minutes to ask my questions and that would be that.

At Cogito, however, I noticed that the interviews were structured more like conversations with work colleagues. There was a general topic we would dive into – be it a previous work experience, my method for solving a specific issue, or my views on a strategic approach – and we would engage in a two-way discussion. I would give my take, there would be exploratory questions, I would hear the opinion of whoever was interviewing me, I’d ask questions of my own, and it quickly evolved into something resembling an exchange that I would have with a long-time coworker. This method of interviewing allowed me to show my true colors as far as thought process and problem-solving while giving me a window to exhibit my personality in a more raw form. Past that, I was able to hone in an image of what working at Cogito would feel like and that image has held true.


Potential is third on this list, but perhaps the most important attribute I look for when searching for a job. Of course, when I say I want a company with ‘potential,’ I mean a company that offers me both personal and professional growth, as well as the opportunity to build something amazing. Avoiding stagnation is a common goal for most people and it stands true for me. With Cogito’s product and industry moving forward so quickly, there are constant opportunities to offer improvements and help shape what we put out next. That ample potential, paired with a welcoming culture, brought me to Cogito, and I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

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