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Looking Back at 2020 and Stepping Forward with Hope

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Joshua Feast

2020 was a year of resilience and reinvention, filled with many ups and downs. I’m proud that despite all of the challenges, Cogicians persevered and adapted, keeping empathy at the center of our efforts. 

We saw the world change instantly around us, elevating the immediate and lasting need for technology designed to support and connect individuals from afar. Through innovation, collaboration and emotional intelligence, we created stronger human connections, powered the empathic enterprise and helped build more inclusive communities. 

With all of this, I believe it is important to reflect and commemorate the actions and achievements that united us as a company and community in 2020, so we can step forward together with hope in the new year. In the past 12 months:

  • We adopted an Office Optional policy, a response to the pandemic, but one that is here to stay for our entire workforce. The good news? We are hiring and this perk could be yours.
  • Our innovative AI Coaching System became even more impactful with our latest product release – rooted in Signal-Based Machine Learning, the enhanced AI Coaching System is designed to power the Empathic Enterprise at scale and support remote workers better than before.
  • We listened and learned about the biases around us. From donating funds to Color of Change and creating a dedicated team to monitor the disproportionate impact that the pandemic and economic downturn are having on Black communities, we promised to grow our culture inclusively and keep one another accountable. 
  • Our revenue and adoption has grown significantly, a result of increasing our number of users under contract by more than 100% and delivering over 25 implementations within Fortune 100 companies. 
  • We expanded our reach with strong adoption across a number of key industries including Telecommunications, Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance. 
  • Thanks to the support of our existing investors in partnership with new strategic investors, we raised $25+ million in growth equity funding, underscoring the value our AI Coaching System brings to customer-focused enterprises.  
  • We proudly grew our strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Amazon, Concentrix and Five9 to help expand our global footprint and capabilities. 
  • Our deep bench of awards became even larger when we won the ICMI Global Contact Center Award for Best New Technology Solution of 2020, as well as being a finalist in the CCW Awards for the Workforce Innovation Solution of the Year. 
  • The Cogito Engineering team created a space to share short technical articles on the Cogito Engineering Medium page – a can’t miss collection of blog posts.  
  • We launched a new brand experience across all our content and channels that more effectively expresses our commitment to helping create empathic enterprises by augmenting the key strengths of each employee.

These actions and achievements, among others, were recognized in the press, setting the stage for an exciting 2021:

I hope everyone can set aside time to reflect on this past year’s achievements and enter 2021 with excitement and hope for the amazing things to come.

From all of us at Cogito: we look forward to embracing 2021 together.

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