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How do you pronounce “Cogito”?

Steve Kraus

We get this question a lot, and the answer lies within the origins of the word itself. As you may know, our company name “Cogito” derives its origin from the latin phrase cogito ergo sum or “I think, therefore I am” courtesy of René Descartes. Upon researching its pronunciation we found that even the experts have an ongoing debate on an official way to say it – as will tend to happen with any unused language. Should the “o” have a long “ohh” sound or more of an “ahh” sound? Does it have a hard or a soft “g”?  These are tough questions to answer for certain about a language that went unspoken long ago.

Even within our own office there are subtle variances in the way each of us pronounce “Cogito”. We tried to decide on an official pronunciation within the company, but a consensus proved to be elusive. It was only then that we had our epiphany. The mystery behind the word that defined our company was actually a perfect reflection of what we do. The backbone of our software has always been founded upon translating the subtle differences in what people say and how they say it into something valuable and understandable to others.

So feel free to pronounce “Cogito” however you like and we’ll keep working on better ways to decode how you said it.

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