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Enhancing the Specialty Pharmacy Experience

Steve Kraus

There has long been consensus in the specialty pharmacy community that care management for patients with chronic conditions is best delivered through a unique approach to call center service that offers a comprehensive member experience; specifically a service model that employs caring professionals using a set of pharmacy tools and training to provide a better member experience. This type of model features specially trained Customer Service Representatives and pharmacists who have access to information systems to answer complex medical and pharmacy questions immediately and help coach make better health and cost decisions about their specific chronic condition.

While most companies are investing millions of dollars in the latest CRM or data mining software to support better clinical decision making, other companies are using solutions available to call center representatives that make them better at their jobs during the most critical point in time, when they have a patient on the phone.

Those companies use Cogito Dialog. Dialog is a software providing real time in call analysis of telephone interactions that displays patients’ engagement and distress levels, and notifications of adverse conditions requiring action.  In addition, call center agents and coaches are receiving feedback on their own speech behavior, enabling them to listen better, pace their conversations accordingly, and be more perceptive. Better phone skills leads to higher CSAT, a decrease in member complaints, and significant increases in program participation.

As an example, one national healthcare company achieved a 15% increase in care management enrollments while deploying Cogito Dialog for only four months.

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