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DARPA Details Program and Cogito Successes

Steve Kraus

As a result of combat exposure, warfighters may return home from deployments with psychological health challenges and find it difficult to reconnect with family and society at large. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs’ National Center for PTSD, studies show that between 12 and 25 percent of military personnel who had returned from Afghanistan and Iraq as of 2008 may suffer from PTSD. Despite best efforts to improve awareness and care, additional studies reveal that only a small fraction of warfighters seek help dealing with psychological health issues. The Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals (DCAPS) program aims to develop novel analytical tools to assess psychological status of warfighters in the hopes of improving psychological health awareness and enabling them to seek timely help.

To view the full story about the DCAPS program:

To download the full DARPA newsletter which describes Cogito Dialog and Cogito Companion:
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