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Cogito Launches New Product Features This Summer

Charnele Williams

We are excited to announce that this month we will be launching several enhanced product features to our system’s current offerings. These features will include personalized coaching for front-line agents, a product developer portal, and a self-service topic spotting configuration to help aid in the detection of conversational intent. These new features were developed with both the customer and front-line employee experience in mind. With the addition of these system enhancements, modern call centers will be better equipped to handle customer requests more quickly and effectively. 

Conversation AI

These days, call center agents are responsible for handling increasingly complex, human interactions. With Conversation AI, agents can feel assisted and supported during these elevated calls. Conversation AI models provide agents with a customized configuration of topic notifications using customer and/or agent-triggered keywords. This tool uses AI that not only listens to and interprets verbal dialog but produces real-time, next-best-step notifications that help agents diagnose and address customer needs. With this feature, agents can rest assured that intelligent, in-the-moment machine learning technology will help them retain conversational control while guiding them through the process.

Personalized Coaching

Cogito’s personalized coaching feature directly impacts the mission of a business and enables front-line agents to deliver higher-quality experiences. With the help of personalized coaching, call center supervisors and managers can set, track, and adjust customizable coaching plans for their agents. These plans generate goals and performance thresholds based on employees’ conversational trends, and ultimately help train and develop their front-line staff.

Alongside personalized coaching’s many benefits to the call center business, this feature also provides value to the employees themselves. This feature creates full transparency between the agents and their managers, allowing them to be aware of their past performances and current standings. This feature also allows front-line personnel to pace their progress, participate in peer recognition initiatives, and review helpful examples of content related to their individualized coaching goals. Overall, personalized coaching is a great way to ensure that developmental alignment between managers and agents remains clear, obtainable, and scalable at all times.  

 The Developer Portal

Cogito’s developer portal provides customer support and reference documentation for Cogito’s technology solutions and APIs (Application Programming Interface). Our user, authorization, domain, and reporting APIs exist to provide a programmatic means of accessing and utilizing the Cogito system. For your convenience, we provide comprehensive guides and documentation in our development portal that will assist you in getting started with our system right away.

Cogito is more than just a software vendor; we are partners on your continuous journey to employee and customer improvement. We consistently challenge ourselves to grow, innovate and expand our product features and service offerings with CX and EX in mind. 

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