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Cogito Celebrates #GivingTuesday in a Personalized Way

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Shawn Hoyt

With the pandemic and transition to an Office Optional workspace, we’ve seen much of our workforce relocate throughout the country and have even welcomed many fully remote teammates. It has been incredibly rewarding to learn about the communities our Cogicians have embraced and care deeply for during this time of change.

As a company and as individuals, we recognize the importance of giving back to our local communities and the organizations that mean the most to us—and what better way than with Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is often described as a global day of giving or a global generosity movement and falls annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It was created in 2012 as a day that encourages people to do good. GivingTuesday is now an independent nonprofit and a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we decided to do something different than years past. Rather than making one donation on behalf of the company, we empowered Cogicians to donate to organizations that hold significance to them, so all teammates were afforded the opportunity to give back on Cogito’s behalf.

Understanding that the choice to donate to any organization is personal, we asked Cogicians to share their reasons for giving if they felt comfortable doing so.

Z Anszperger, one of our Data Annotators, decided to donate to the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) and the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF). Z shared:

“NICWA provides resources and support to Native children and their families. I think, especially around Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month, we need to recognize and acknowledge the harm that has been done to Native children.”

“IWMF’s Emergency Fund goes toward the legal and medical bills of women journalists around the world who face harassment and other safety risks due to their reporting. It’s so important that diverse perspectives are represented in journalism and that women are not driven away for sharing theirs.”

Krystle Jones, a Curriculum Designer, donated to the Puppy Rescue Mission because:

“The organization provides medical care and transportation to the U.S. for animals in other countries who befriend and bond with American soldiers. Not only does the charity rescue the animals from terrible conditions, but it also serves our veterans as well. They can return to the US with their furry friends and not have to worry about leaving them behind.”

Tina Chhabria, one of Cogito’s Customer Success Managers, decided to give to Living Goods.

“The organization combines mobile tech with data-driven management to empower community health workers to deliver high-quality healthcare services in Uganda, Kenya and other African countries. Over the past six months, I have felt even more strongly that health is the foundation of happiness and is a universal right. I appreciate Cogito’s support in helping make healthcare a reality to the less fortunate.”

As for myself, I donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank, because I was reminded as we ate in abundance at Thanksgiving that so many people within our own communities are still hungry.

At Cogito, we are grateful for the efforts of GivingTuesday and are happy to spread the giving spirit throughout our company and in our personal lives. We encourage all those able, at a company or personal level, to participate in next year’s Giving Tuesday with us!

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