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5 Reasons to Check Out Cogito’s Booth at Boston TechJam 2018

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Joel Makhluf

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Boston’s hottest block party of the summer is this Thursday,
June 14th, at Boston City Hall Plaza. In its sixth year, Boston TechJam, brings together New
England’s most innovative tech companies and startups with live music, a lineup of food trucks,
and Boston’s finest brews to showcase all the cool initiatives they’ve been cooking up. 2018 has
been a big year for artificial intelligence in the tech industry, so we’re excited to see how other
companies are working with the technology and looking forward to meeting the coolest tech
folks in the Boston area!

We’re sure you were already planning on swinging by and saying hi, but, just in case, here are
five reasons to swing by booth #19 this Thursday.

1. Learn about the biggest tech term of 2018

There is a LOT of hype around artificial intelligence. It’s time you get around all of the
fluff and see how Cogito’s AI solution provides behavioral guidance in real-time to
contact center agents, helping them have better conversations and enhancing customer

2. Meet some cool Cogicians

Said with the least amount of bias possible, there are some pretty cool people that work at
Cogito. Our company culture is very similar to the intent of our product which is to help
people be their better selves. Collaboration and communication are central to our mission,
so come say hi to learn more about Cogito and share some good vibes with us as we play
games and eat some great food.

3. Test your brain power

You know that one friend who always says they have a more powerful brain than you?
Now you can put that to the test! At our booth we will have a game that gives you brain
superpowers. How does making an object move with your mind sound to you? Stop by
with that one friend or challenge a Cogician to a game of Power Push with Mindflex
Duel. Oh, and did we mention there will be some awesome swag for participants?

4. Paint a pretty picture

What comes to mind when you think of AI? Channel your inner artist and paint a picture
of whatever that image is at our booth! After the event, we will evaluate all entries and
send the winner a sweet Cogito shirt.

5. Rock out, eat, and drink

This event is a block party. Though some of the best Boston-based tech companies will
be there, the point of this event is to let loose and have fun! So come for the food and
drinks, stay for the live music performances, and be sure to stop by Cogito’s booth.
Whether you are a student, technophile, or simply looking for an excuse to hang out with the
most innovative tech people in Boston, TechJam is the place for you. Be on the lookout for a
Cogito Snapchat geofilter and be sure to connect with us on social media @CogitoCorp. We
can’t wait to meet you there!

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