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AI to Strengthen Relationships
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Cogito fuses Emotion AIConversation AI, and Generative AI - enriching contact center interactions and strengthening customer bonds while optimizing workflows. Cogito’s platform integrates AI+ to bolster operational insights, elevate experiences, and grant supervisors unmatched oversight of team dynamics.

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Customer Experience into Sales Gold

Navigating the subtleties of customer cues and the pressure of sales quotas presents a significant challenge for service agents. Cogito provides true real-time guidance, empowering agents to effortlessly identify and capitalize on upsell opportunities. This approach enhances the customer experience while also meeting sales objectives.

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Help Agents

in the Moment

Cogito extracts and analyzes over 200 acoustic and lexical signals in milliseconds to give your agents cues on how to adjust their behavior and surface the best recommendations based on the topics discussed and desired outcomes.

Leverage the learnings from every interaction to provide continuous feedback and grow your team members into better customer service professionals.


Team Leaders & Quality Managers

Flag challenging conversations and notify supervisors when their intervention is crucial. The Cogito real-time contact center platform simultaneously analyzes numerous customer interactions, offering managers a comprehensive dashboard to oversee their teams remotely and monitor live calls. Prioritize well-being by detecting employee fatigue and early signs of burnout, ensuring healthier work environment. Transform unbiased quality and compliance assessments into personalized development plans, empowers leaders to dedicate more time to meaningful coaching, enhancing team performance and satisfaction.

Unearth New


Powerful customer and employee engagement AI models reveal new interaction level insights from all conversations, extracting both what was said and how customers received the message. With Cogito, you can measure CX for 100% of calls and in real-time, as they progress. You can also track the well-being of your teams regardless of location. This powerful data set, which includes signals from customer behavior, sentiment, audio streams, and transcription, can all inform operational decisions with sharper, more specific, and more actionable insights.

From Helping Veterans

To Helping Agents

Since its inception in 2007, Cogito has been dedicated to equipping frontline teams with real-time emotional intelligence and insights to handle one of the most challenging and stressful jobs. Cogito is a spinout from the MIT Media Lab. Our AI+ technology was first validated by assisting healthcare providers to detect early signs of PTSD and other mental health disorders in soldiers returning from combat to prevent depression and suicide. It is now helping your customer service and sales teams deliver better experiences, grow into better professionals, and be happier at work.


MIT Media Lab Research


Field Testing & Validation


Supporting Veterans


Helping Contact Center Agents

Proven at Scale - Used by the

World's Leading Brands

Cogito is used by 5 of the Fortune 25 brands across diverse industries including healthcare payers; property, casualty, and life insurers; telecom and cable providers. With individual customer deployments of over 30,000 concurrent agents, Cogito is a proven solution for the most stringent and highly scaled enterprises.

3 of the Top 5

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5 of the Fortune 25

World Leading Brands

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US Cable Providers

4 of the Top 5

National Health Insurers

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Global Online Payment Providers

3 of the Top 5

US Telecom & Technology Companies

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